Why does the Billlion Dollar OpenSource Company does not matter or should not matter

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Once in a while, I bump into posts praising Red Hat for the fact that its Financial Worth in the Stock Market has crossed the 1 Billion Dollar. Every time I read these posts I shiver. And let me explain why.

Ubuntu 12.04 Intrusive OS


I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on two laptops by now. and I must rant. Ubuntu developers are assuming two many things about me.

GCC 4.7 Breaks 169 Packages in Debian or my weired hobby


I have a weired hobby, checking very frequently the[Release-Critical Bugs](http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/) in Debian.

Ubuntu Rant! You need Ubuntu to install Ubuntu


Ubuntu "engineers" are probably dumber than Enterprise Linux OS' engineers

New Entry in the Linux laptop list


I am looking for a new laptop. 14" is a bit hard to fit in the bag sometimes.

More UNITY Crap

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Take a loot at this [post](http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-run-multiple-copies-of-program-from-unity-launcher). You need a "how to" to run multiple copies of the same program.

The future of Windows


Last week I participated in a Windows 7 course. I was sent to the course by my employer, although in my official role is Linux System Engineer. 9 people attended the course. Looking around my colleagues I had some interesting observations, I'd like to share.

UEFI Secure booting is good for Linux


Microsoft will block non Windows on the ARM platform. Big deal. It is if installing Linux on any other Laptop is easy. Sure you can install Linux on most Laptops today. But does it really work?

Analyst my S

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Sometimes I just can't wonder An posts a blog which shows the guy has no clue what he's talking about. And people actually make such a fuss about it.

The more I read on GNOME 3 I get more mad

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The idea I need to learn X Programming Language (e.g. JavaScript) in order to customize my desktop is IMHO simply IDIOTIC! Although I love learning programming languages, and I am a programmer, I DON'T WANT to program my desktop. My desktop is not a problem I need to solve. It should just work.

Better Apps in Linux

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I don't know why, but I have the feeling that the rise of Ubuntu, does not bring Linux forward. I have read a few posts about it. And I think that the focus of Linux developers is starting to annoy me so much that I am thinking of ripping Linux off my Laptop and just installing \*BSD, although I'd have to twitch my nose, because I prefer GPL over BSD.

Danke Deutschland, Justice is done

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The match between Germany to Argentina brings a nice conclusion. The team work has proven superior to the "All Star" teams based on players such as Messi or Ronaldo. Both of them didn't score in this world cup.

Vancouver Critical Mass

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I've attended Vancouver Critical Mass. Yay! It was fun, about 2000 cyclist came to have fun. We even had a police escort. About 15 police men...Well, the city of Vancouver is probably the most dumb city I've seen in regards to bikes. They try to encourage bicycles, eh ? So, on the way back home, guess what, a couple of nice traffic police men where waiting on 10th Ave, where many people cycle home, and they just gave all the cyclists fines of 29 CAD.



Recently I started learning Fortran. Going from Python to Fortran should not be so complicated, and from what I see so far it is a very cool language.

Proportionality Should Be a Guidline of War

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Robert McNamara in a horrifying clip in YouTube.

Israel's new Minister of Foreign Affairs - A note to Obama's administration

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Dear President Obama, I am writing you even though you are not my president. But some how you know a lot of people are looking up to you

The Real Economic Crisis

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Everybody is talking about the "CRISIS" and the bailouts and the rescues and the huge salaries.

Broken USB in OpenSUSE 11.1


Last week I upgraded one of my workstations at work to version 11.1 from 11.0 only to discover this week that automounting of usb disks has ceased to work.

A few notes about FreeBSD

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Well, I wrote earlier that I'm in love with Debian, but I **had** to try FreeBSD (Someone actually paid me to do that...), and now I am even more with love with Debian! But as a courtesy to the developers of FreeBSD I'll write this short report. Maybe they'll find it useful... maybe not... anyway this could be read as a bug report. And if I bother to write it I means that although I rant and criticize, I had in general a nice experience. Other wish, I would just press 'eject' on the CD-ROM's button and throw the CD out the window (metaphorically speaking). Anyway, here is my short report.

Oh, AMD, are you a dumb company ?

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Recently, I decided I would like to buy a new laptop. The one I am using is 5 years old now, and I would like to have a laptop which does not weigh like an elephant, and comes with linux preinstalled.

It's not the Gates, it's the bars

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The BBC publishes an important [article](http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7487060.stm) by Richard Stallman. I felt this is so important and true it has to be copied an published here fully