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I am looking for a new laptop. 14" is a bit hard to fit in the bag sometimes. While I searched for a new 12" laptop, I found Their 14" laptop is exactly the Clevo I have, the 13.3" version I bought to my girlfriend under the brand name Belina in Germany. It's a good laptop. But the one in Garlac comes either with equiped with old AMD version or newer with Intel but equipped with NVIDIA.

Sorry, I DON'T buy AMD. Until someone here or in AMD convinces me that they do a better job with Linux. The second option, NVIDIA is an utter crap. NVIDIA drivers is the biggest piece of s\$#% I ever saw, and in my work place, I curse a lot when I need to mess with NVIDIA card on a CAE workstation or some cluster.

But... if you are looking for a good 14.1" laptop and you are in Europe... The Rush 14.1 seems like a good choice.

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