AJAX with bottle.py

August 17, 2015
tagged: python, web, JQuery

A working example of AJAX with JQuery and Bottle ...

Introducing psutil in Munich Python Users

July 16, 2015
tagged: Python

I gave a quick talk in Python Munich User Group about one of my favourite Python tools. Here is a link to the presentation about psutil. ...

Dictionaries in bash scripts - it is possible

June 11, 2015
tagged: bash, linux

Apparently, bash offeres assosiative arrays, similar to Python dictionary ...

Farewell Vundle, enter vim-plug

April 30, 2015
tagged: vim

Vundle, the vim pluging manager used me for almost 4 faitfull years. But I recently discovered vim-plug ...

New version of Pwman3 released

March 22, 2015
tagged: python, pwman3

I finally managed to release a new version of pwman3, the console and network password manager. Read more about it here. ...

Simple Multiprocessing Task Queue in Python

February 25, 2015
tagged: python, linux

Yet another tutorial about Python's multiprocessing. What make this one different? Well, it's based on a real like example and show what is going on behind the sceanes on your Linux host. ...

Farewell PyCharm! Going VIM again

January 20, 2015
tagged: python, VIM, git

A few months ago we migrated from PyDev to PyCharm. After a 3 months time where I lead the migration from PyDev to PyCharm and SVN to GIT, I am back again to work with VIM. Here are my thoughts about PyCharm. ...

Poor man's Read-The-Docs

January 16, 2015
tagged: python, git, bash

Here is how to build sphinx documentation on multiple branches in your Python project. If you want to have Sphinx documentation for your project without having to install the whole complicated readthedocs.org image. ...

salt quick tip - changing passwords on multiple clusters

October 24, 2014
tagged: salt, linux, sudo

Using salt stack to manage your own private cloud on clusters can ease your life. Here is how you can allow users to update their passwords on multiple Linux hosts. ...

Installing Oracle's JAVA on Debian

April 16, 2014
tagged: JAVA, Debian

There are many solutions floating around to install Oracle's JAVA on Debian based systems. Most of them involve too many manual steps. Here is one that does not, and it simply works! ...