OpenWRT SSH init script with port forwarding

July 03, 2016

If you have a publicly available server you can setup a permanent SSH connection to it from your OpenWRT. Add remote port forwarding to the plan, and you get an easy way to always access your hosts where your OpenWRT router is.

Mate Desktop Environment 1.14 for Gentoo

June 09, 2016

I am announcing here the release of the ebuilds collection of mate-desktop for gentoo. All ebuilds support building with traditional GTK+2 and the newer GTK+3.

Morse fun with Python

March 29, 2016
tagged: Python

Creating morse code or translating it to ASCII text is fun, even more fun is making your laptop beep morse code. Here how you can do it with Python.

Yet another case of Python vs. Regular Expressions

March 26, 2016
tagged: Python

Regular Expressions are really awesome, and If you read the last post you might got the wrong impression I am totally against their use. I love using regular expressions, but sometimes, knowing Python is more than enough.

Python's regex is not always the best option

March 15, 2016
tagged: Python

When programming in Python, regex are not always your best tool. This has a few reasons, regex can be computationally expensive, unreadable and unmaintainble, and finally, sometimes there is a better pythonic way without them. Here are a few examples.

Back again to writing

March 10, 2016
tagged: blogging

This blog is back from a long pause

NoSQLite - SQLite, support for JSON field

October 30, 2015
tagged: NoSQL

Released just recently (14-10-2015) the new SQLite (3.9.*) now has optional support for NoSQL like work flows with the new JSON field type. This is a very brief introduction to the JSON1 extension which enables this support.

AJAX with

August 17, 2015

A working example of AJAX with JQuery and Bottle

Introducing psutil in Munich Python Users

July 16, 2015
tagged: Python

I gave a quick talk in Python Munich User Group about one of my favourite. Here is a link to the presentation about psutil.

Dictionaries in bash scripts - it is possible

June 11, 2015
tagged: bash, linux

Apparently, bash offeres assosiative arrays, similar to Python dictionaries