Oh, AMD, are you a dumb company ?

Recently, I decided I would like to buy a new laptop. The one I am using is 5 years old now, and I would like to have a laptop which does not weigh like an elephant, and comes with linux preinstalled.

Netbook with 10" screen will be just perfect. My work place recently bought a new cluster in ~132,000 Euros. My boss asked me what I'd recommend. So, I checked around and I found out that for the same price we get more with AMD. So that's what we got.

I thought I could do this also with my new laptop. But first, I couldn't find any netbook with AMD. The idiots in AMD decided not to compete with WINTEL so we'll get stuck with a monopoly of the Intel ATOM processor. Intel is really harvesting all the profit from this.

As for a linux laptop, I could not find a cheap linux laptop ~700 USD which comes with AMD.

And one last point, I said I'll try and look on AMD's website, well they have laptops. But most of them range 1400-2000 USD, and come with Vista. Never mind the Vista, but the prices are rediculus...

May AMD tries to brand itself a luxurius, but nobody is paying such prices on laptops when you can go to Target or Office Depot and pick up a sale laptop in 400 USD.

So, I guess that despite me willing to help break the WINTEL monopoly on the desktop laptop market I will have no choice but to buy (again) an Intel processors.

Hello, AMD, Is there any body hearing this ?

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