Israel's new Minister of Foreign Affairs - A note to Obama's administration

Dear President Obama, I am writing you even though you are not my president. But some how you know a lot of people are looking up to you, and the great country you lead. I am writing you as a concerned Israeli citizen, who is worried about Israel, one of the best friend of America, and a beloved friend of many western democracies. As you can guess form my post's title, I am writing you about Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Liberman. As you probably know, this person is a declared racist, which threatened a few times to bomb Egypt, and deport Arabs from Israel. He supports in open discrimination based on religion and political views, and presents no hope for coexistence of Israel with it's Arab neighbors.

As you probably know, many U.S governmental agencies and think tanks, point the middle east stability as a key to U.S future economy, which still relies heavily on oil (I hope this will change, like you said in your inauguration speech...). Thus, Israel plays an important role in U.S future, and with a racist party in the parliament you should worry. So what am I asking you ? I am asking you simply this: declare Avigdor Liberman a persona non grata on the U.S soil. After all Israeli citizens are demanded to present a very inquiring visa application upon coming to the U.S, and Mr. Liberman fails on two sections - Racism and Criminal past (He was convicted on attacking a 12 years old boy). Please, for the sake of Israel, prohibit the entrance of a convicted criminal and a racist to the U.S as a representative of Israel. Let the Israelis know what you personally of who they put as their representative. I know you will agree with me. I know also you have a good communication line to the former Clinton, you can probably ask him for a few personal notes on our next prime minister Mr. Netanyahoo. Find some people in your Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton, who were under President Clinton too, they will probably not hide the fact they wished to declare him too as a persona non grata. I can not continue and build a huge case against Libermann. I think it is enough what I've mentioned, or maybe I will just add he was also a member of a racist movement Kach, and is under severe investigation for corruption and that he lives in a west bank settlement built on stolen Palestinian ground ? I just don't know where to hide my shame. Please do the right thing. Let me know there still hope in the U.S and that you are not just a cheap solider of AIPAC. Please make Liberman persona non grata, With deep concern and appreciation,


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