The Real Economic Crisis

Everybody is talking about the "CRISIS" and the bailouts and the rescues and the huge salaries. Enough said about that. I was just cooking lunch to some friends using my old time pressure cooker, which I really like because everything takes 1/3 of the time to cook in it. So it saves me time and money. And then the thought hit me, when I looked at the magazine title looking at me from the table: "Us and the crisis".

Here is what hit me - the "CRISIS" is a spin of the media and the people who want us to believe it is a crisis. While actually the the true crisis was the faulty American way of life before the crisis. But before dwelling in a long critic mass on the crazy capitalism and consumerism. I just want to say in short my point. Believing the term crisis means, that we are now in experiencing an Abnormal period, and we want to go back the where we were about 4 years ago. And that means the bloated American way of life, with big houses, big cars, big screens and too big salaries to some people in Wall st. etc. etc. THAT 'life style' is the real crisis. That is exactly what is bringing the world to an edge of ecologic tragedy, starvation of millions, wars, and global warming. Many western democracies who don't live by American standards (i.e mostly Europe, but Canada too) understand this, and put heavy guards on the market avoiding a reckless party like in the U.S.A. This party is the real crisis, and we all pay it, of course but other people around the globe too. But there is hope, that after the Crisis, we - the people who live in the "developed" countries - won't go back to 'normal' but change a little bit our way of life.This change can be in the form of people move back into cities from the suburbs, and will cycle more, and buy less in future. And maybe even recognize more the effect of their life style on people on the other side of the globe. This even might help promote the understanding the world needs not just global economy, but also global justice. But maybe I've said enough and I'm just dreaming.

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