Vancouver Critical Mass

I've attended Vancouver Critical Mass. Yay! It was fun, about 2000 cyclist came to have fun. We even had a police escort. About 15 police men...Well, the city of Vancouver is probably the most dumb city I've seen in regards to bikes. They try to encourage bicycles, eh ? So, on the way back home, guess what, a couple of nice traffic police men where waiting on 10th Ave, where many people cycle home, and they just gave all the cyclists fines of 29 CAD.

And here is my take on this:

Bicycle Helmet laws are Stupid ! For some reason you can mostly find them in English seaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course the "land of freedom" (USA).

So, in case you need some reading materials here are some links about helmet bike laws:

An example why it is not useful.

It's stupid, because it's damging cyclist.

It does not help to encourage cyclists.

Some more on the damage of helmet laws.

But you want to know why the Police is happy to comply with it ?

Because cyclists are easy pray. It's easier to catch us, because we are visible, we are slow, and we hear when the police-man calls us to stop. They won't bother hunt down the real criminals driving big SUV's or just speed up like crazy.

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