Proportionality Should Be a Guidline of War

Robert McNamara in a horrifying clip in YouTube.

And I say to that: Stupid AMERICANS, if you still haven't got the trick: Lets explain it in simple:

Wars and the "Security Industry" are a sophisticated way to reap off the poor and make the rich richer.

The OBAMA Regim - Remember: He got a Nobel Prize for Peace - is selling weapons to American Allies in the Middle East. What for ? Official answer: "To increase Stability in the region."

Sounds good ? Give a fat man, a hamburger to increase his health. Good, no ?

So Stupid American pay tax, which arrive to the Middle East in the form of money to buy weapons, from the rich stinky friends of G.W. Bush. What is it, if not a huge laundry machine for American tax money ?

And this is instead of making a normal public health system. Sad to see America shot itself in the legs. But it's even more sad to how it give weapons to others to the same ...

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