AJAX with bottle.py

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A working example of AJAX with JQuery and Bottle

Command Line Posting to Blogger

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Oh man, I'm really becoming a geek. I spend so much time staring at VIM that writing a Blog post using the Web interface seems cumbersome to me.

Broken Links Alert

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Due to infrastructure changes, I removed all the attachments.

Proportionality Should Be a Guidline of War

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Robert McNamara in a horrifying clip in YouTube.


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For a long time I know that I can export lyx files to ODT format, and it does a pretty good job. Today, I start lyx with moving it to the background and I looked what's going in on when I export to ODT. It's using a commant htlatex, which can be found in the Debian package tex4ht .

Top 10 linux blog posts you should avoid reading

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As a frequent reader of Linux related news, I've come to the conclusion the sometimes reading posts about Linux is a complete waste of time. With time I've noticed that there are some repeating patterns to what I skip, so I've compiled this list to those who want to save some time, and a reminder to myself.

Swine Flu

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Lately everybody's talking about swine flu. So I must too. Just in case I get it, and die before I manage to say something about that. Here's my two cents.

Israel's new Minister of Foreign Affairs - A note to Obama's administration

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Dear President Obama, I am writing you even though you are not my president. But some how you know a lot of people are looking up to you

The Real Economic Crisis

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Everybody is talking about the "CRISIS" and the bailouts and the rescues and the huge salaries.

Fucked up explorer


I hate microsoft. Short Post descrbining a hack for explorer. Not much ...

Playing with wordpress - Hacking the header to display random pictures


After I started seriously playing with wordpress and discovered how cool it is, I decided that I can seriously hack to it my own needs.

WordPress rant...

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WordPress is a great tool for quickly building a personal blog, website or even a store or a large community website. However, there comes a time with every wordpress installation, or maybe even every pre built content management system such as Drupal or Joomla!, that you encounter the glass ceiling where you have to start heavily digging in code you didn't write

Video guides for Wikipedia editing

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This is a just reminder and collector:

Greener Browsing

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I use a very old laptop, a Thosiba Portege 3440ct. This tiny little machine has a Pentium III 500 MHz CPU and 128 RAM.

Hey, I actually like the new Blogger

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It used to really suck, but my two hours of playing with it made me