Top 10 linux blog posts you should avoid reading

As a frequent reader of Linux related news, I've come to the conclusion the sometimes reading posts about Linux is a complete waste of time. With time I've noticed that there are some repeating patterns to what I skip, so I've compiled this list to those who want to save some time, and a reminder to myself.

1. "The year of the Linux desktop" post type - <"YEAR"> won't be the Linux Desktop Two many words are typed on this subject. Really, and most of them are just concluding with the fact (usually with a sad tone) that this year will not be the year of the Linux desktop. Well, who cares ? I was introduced to Linux in 2004 - that was my Linux year. And that's what's important. The fact is Linux is quietly and steadily growing. If someone expect a sudden massive adoption of Linux... well keep waiting it's not gonna happen. Mountains are built very slowly, so does Linux adoption. So don't waste your time reading that type of posts.

*2. "Are there too many Linux distros\Linux Desktop is too fragmented..." * Earlier I used the mountain building example. Here's another example from earth's history: Evolution. Without natural mutation forking and change, we'd all still be bacteria. So in short - diversity is good ! Imagine we just had red hat - where would be the Linux community then ? We'd still be installing from floppies without KNOPPIX and UBUNTU. BSD's are good too, just in case.

3. Is "" dead ?

Pessimists are all the place man. So Gentoo has some issues with it's management (this is why I don't use it), but can you expect a project with ~1000 dev's and hundreds of users to just die ? Debian too has lot's of dev's and it's full of bureaucracy, and flame wars but it's kicking. My point is any distro which is not managed by one man, or an elitist group (for example ARCH Linux. ), and has a foundation is not supposed to die. Organizations have their own DNA and they tend to survive and adopt them selves to new situations. This is true for distro's like SuSE, Red Hat Ubuntu and Mandriva (the biggest commercial Linux distro's I think of). My point: No is not dead and won't die. It might just evolve into something else (i.e gentoo-sabayon path).

4. Is Linux on ** dead? Or any similar phrasings. ** In short no. As long as people have it in their home, or can buy, Linux will run on it. Whether vendors ship or do not ship pre-installed Linux on it, does not matter so much. Of course, preinstalled Linux helps to advance Linux, but only marginally, because the PC market is growing very slowly and people don't change their hardware as frequently as they change their shoes or shirts.

5. "The new "* brings this and that ! Was Released ! I installed the latest fancy Here's my review on it. * For the first part, I must say that after almost 6 years with Linux, I no longer get excited about new linux releases. Changes are mostly minor from one release to another, and if changes are too big (i.e KDE4 or Pulse Audio mess) people just get pissed off, and so do I. So I just don't jump on the fastest shining stuff anymore for my working laptop. I carefully deep my feet in testing ground in the VirtualBox, and see what I like and what I don't like to upgrade. Further more, the inventions mostly don't come from the distro releases them selves but from upstream changes, so please give some of the credit for those people who originally create the software. For the second part - Essentially lot's of *buntards and other bloggers think they can write a good Linux review from just spinning a distro for 30 minutes or even 1 day or even 1 week. My two cents: A linux distro is a complicated creature. Any distro, even a tiny one like Slitaz has it's own way, and needs time. This time is needed not only for technical stuff, but also getting to know all the all arounds - like documentation and community around the distro. Which in my opinion are essential part of the daily usage, espcially when you need help doing something you didn't do before. So don't bother reading such reports, unless you are in a cheerful mood and want to post helpful comments on desperate linux noobs' posts (personally I rather offer help in forums).

6. N top Applications you must install on Ubuntu

Why bother reading ? Out of more than 25,000 packages that Ubuntu and Debian come with why the heck limit your self to just choosing 10 ? Install as many as you can, try new stuff. Go wild. Give it a shot, you'll find many new interesting packages out there. And save the time reading these posts, most of them will tell you the same thing anyway.

*7. N Top Firefox Add-on's *

See my comment above. Why limit your self ? Why not discover yourself ? Did you really choose free software just to continue the Windows tradition ?

8. N thing to do after installing ""

See my comment above. Why limit your self ? Why not discover yourself ? Did you really choose free software just to continue the Windows tradition ? Do

*9. N good Reasons for switching to Linux. N Reasons why you should run Linux and so on. *

In my opinion if N>1 then you just don't need to read it. If you already using Linux, then you don't need too. But there's actually only 1 reason to using Linux - see my comments on 6 and 7.

FREEDOM. The rest are just functions of FREEDOM.

10. Anything related to Microsoft, especially using the phrase M$.

Frankly, who cares ? Microsoft will loose eventually. So, I don't care and I don't bother to read. Somehow, they really invest in advertising in Linux websites. My two cents, click their adds, just for the fun.

I hope this post in total will save hunderds of hours to people out there. In the spare time you could even contribute some real contirbution like documentation, marketing, and programing.

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