Dell is not serious about Linux


How serious Dell is about Linux? I think it is not that serious, and it is using Ubuntu fans as free advertising platformadvertising platform

GNU vs Canon

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Linux does not exist in American conusmer market. At least not for Canon.

Ubuntu 12.04 Intrusive OS


I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on two laptops by now. and I must rant. Ubuntu developers are assuming two many things about me.

GCC 4.7 Breaks 169 Packages in Debian or my weired hobby


I have a weired hobby, checking very frequently the[Release-Critical Bugs]( in Debian.

Ubuntu Rant! You need Ubuntu to install Ubuntu


Ubuntu "engineers" are probably dumber than Enterprise Linux OS' engineers

New Entry in the Linux laptop list


I am looking for a new laptop. 14" is a bit hard to fit in the bag sometimes.

Turn your laptop to alarm clock

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I bumped into an article describing `rtcwake` [here](, so I thought it will be cool to write a nice wrapper script around it.

Open Hardware - a short list of alternatives

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I have been waiting quite a while to write this post. I think it's about time that people who want to write FOSS and support FOSS will also buy hardware from manufacturers that support it.

UEFI Secure booting is good for Linux


Microsoft will block non Windows on the ARM platform. Big deal. It is if installing Linux on any other Laptop is easy. Sure you can install Linux on most Laptops today. But does it really work?

Saving Karo - making a 6 years old laptop alive again

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Karo is the second laptop I got, I bought in my second year of Uni, in 2005. Karo, diamond in Turkish, is an HP Compaq nx6110 business Laptop.

The Wierdest Post Ever in ServerFault.

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I don't know if this is a joke or not. But if it's not a joke, it must be cruel.

Another crack in the Windows hagmony

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For about 4 years now there is a possibility to get a Netbook with Linux. Now, there are many of them coming with Android and Meego.

Linux users - stop whining about UEFI Secure booting!


Sorry for the provocative title, but I think Linux and other FOSS Operating System should really stop whining about the UEFI secure booting.

Using BluetoothSpeakers without Pulseaudio

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About 3 months ago I have purchased a Bluetooth Speakers set. I chose the Creative Labs D200, which provide me with nice tunes compared to the prices.

Create a virtual networking lab with vmware workstation


This is a post to demonstrate how you can build a LAN with DNS servers and DHCP servers running inside VMWARE.

WICD rocks on the roads !

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Been traveling in the USA for a couple of weeks now. I was prepared for bitter timetime with my Debian and wireless roaming. So I've mastered the use of commands ifconfig and iwlist and such. The reason is that I've had my share already with network-manager.


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Hey, maybe some manufacturer will read this desperate post.

Oh, AMD, are you a dumb company ?

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Recently, I decided I would like to buy a new laptop. The one I am using is 5 years old now, and I would like to have a laptop which does not weigh like an elephant, and comes with linux preinstalled.

Another Linux Laptop

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Yesterday night another laptop was born free. usage.