Hey, maybe some manufacturer will read this desperate post.

I don't like Windows, had enough from it's crap. I use Linux. There are many people out there like me. And we would like to use devices that work. Just work with our Linux box.

Make us devices based on open source. It will save YOU costs of development. It will make us happier. I will pay. Many other too.

Here are a few examples:

I have a Nokia phone. Who know how much money they dumped on investing symbian OS. But it does not speak with my Linux. Syncing was never perfect. And I am sick of hacking. Just open the damn code, somebody will fix it for you NOKIA.

I bought an iRIVER T60. It was about 2 years ago. They box said it plays ogg vorbis files. But it doesn't. It also has a poor alarm feature. Instead of actually playing song as alarm, it makes a quiet beep sound for 30 seconds and dies. Stupid buggy software, which could have been fixed.

Music portable players should be chip. They should come by default with something like rockbox. This will save a few bucks on developing the software.

I will pay, and many will pay for a player, or a phone with open source software pre-installed.

So, who picks up the ball ??? I know it's happening. I just hope it's happening sooner than later.

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