Another Linux Laptop

Yesterday night another laptop was born free. A friend of mine has some how managed to completely ruin his Windows XP installation. So, I offered to help him an install on his laptop Ubuntu 7.04. Since he has the same model as I have, Compaq nx6110, I knew it is going to be piece of cake - since HP uses only open source device drivers on this model.

I worked about 4 hours to clean the mess on his hard drive. I thank god I have my home folder on my Linux. I had to backup all his data from various places on the HD, during the all time cursing Microsoft and its confused directory structure.

I made a back up of all the data using an external HD an burning it to 6 DVDs.

The installation was the easy part and it took 20 min only. Of course, this wasn't the end of it... I immediately turned to get easyubuntu and to have all the extras needed and added a few extra programs I like such as inkscape, amarok and kaffeine and vlc.

And that's about it...

Just wanted to tell the world. This is number 20 or so, since I started using Linux a year and a half ago. The best part of this is that it gets easier to install Linux on friends' laptops. This is because hardware support gets better and better and people are more sick of their Windows and are looking for an alternative.

A year ago it took a lot of time to convey and explain, whereas today people just don't care anymore. They are just sick of worms, viruses and failed Windows.

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