blogit - new release is the engine that powers this humble blog. It's written in Python, and like all my software development efforts it strives to be minimal with two aspects. The first, include the smallest number of features that make the software useful, but not obsolete. The second aspect of minimalism is as little code as possible. This version has all the features of the previous versions but it's a bit less code:

~/Software/blogit [±|tag:v0.3 ✓|] $ wc -l *.py blogit/*.py
  605 blogit/
    0 blogit/
  952 total
otiram@yoni:~/Software/blogit [±|tag:v0.3 ✓|] $ git checkout v0.4
Previous HEAD position was fb77c31 Bump version
HEAD is now at dd47f46 Tidy up a bit, give a hint after --quick-start
~/Software/blogit [±|tag:v0.4 ✓|] $ wc -l *.py blogit/*.py
  580 blogit/
    0 blogit/
  906 total

This is thanks to pbr which makes much lighter and the update of markdown2 which now includes my PR, thus cleaning a big monkey patch to md2.Markdown which allows metadata in blocks.

A hugh thanks goes to Boudhayan Gupta who did the updates to the dependencies and

Give blogit a spin, I hope you like it!

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