Public Speaking

I enjoy sharing what I have learned whether in this blog, in face to face time, consulting or public speaking. I participate in a few meetup groups, and I co-founded the CNCF meetup in Nürnberg. Over the years, I have given some presentations and workshops in smaller and larger conferences. This page is an attempt to collect them all under one roof.

Going Cloud - Deutsche OpenStack Tage, Berlin September, 2019

In this talk I gave an overview for non-technical and technical audience about the significance of public and private clouds, as well as how important how openstack is. On the other side, creating and maintaining a cloud can be a daunting task. And once, you got a cloud, writing an application that fits the cloud, isn't easy either. I discuss why it isn't easy, and how organization can change to adapt themselves and the application to the cloud.

The slides in PDF format

Deployment Strategies with Kubernetes - Nürnberg Digital Festival, July, 2019

I this talk a gave an overview about deployment strategies with kubernetes. I gave a short background to what kubernetes is, what are deployment strategies, which ones are available in kubernetes and when each one should be used. The presentation included a large live portion where I displayed the behaviour of each deployment strategy on a live kubernetes cluster.

The slides in PDF format


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