Public Speaking

I enjoy sharing what I have learned whether in this blog, in face to face time, consulting or public speaking. I participate in a few meetup groups, and I co-founded the CNCF meetup in Nürnberg. Over the years, I have given some presentations and workshops in smaller and larger conferences. This page is an attempt to collect them all under one roof.

Continous Deployments with CI\CD Pipelines and Kubernetes, DevOpsCon, Berlin, 2021

In this 6 hours workshop I gave an overview of CI\CD pipelines, and how they can be used to deploy applications to kubernetes. The workshop included a hands-on experience with Gitlab CI and Kubernetes on OpenStack.

The slides in PDF Format

Going Cloud - Deutsche OpenStack Tage, Berlin September, 2019

In this talk I gave an overview for non-technical and technical audience about the significance of public and private clouds, as well as how important how openstack is. On the other side, creating and maintaining a cloud can be a daunting task. And once, you got a cloud, writing an application that fits the cloud, isn't easy either. I discuss why it isn't easy, and how organization can change to adapt themselves and the application to the cloud.

The slides in PDF format

Deployment Strategies with Kubernetes - Nürnberg Digital Festival, July, 2019

I this talk a gave an overview about deployment strategies with kubernetes. I gave a short background to what kubernetes is, what are deployment strategies, which ones are available in kubernetes and when each one should be used. The presentation included a large live portion where I displayed the behaviour of each deployment strategy on a live kubernetes cluster.

The slides in PDF format

Advanced Python Flow control, ML Python Conf, Berlin, 2018

In this 6 hours workshop I discussed Python's generators, coroutines, futures and asyncio programming. The workshop included a hands-on experience with Python's generators, thread pools and asyncio to control the executions of tasks in Python.

The slides in PDF Format


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