Thoughts after leaving noris network after two years

March 09, 2020
tagged: career, life

After two years at noris network AG, yesterday was my last day with this company. It has been a long time since it felt so hard leaving a company. In my two years I worked with really great people on some of the most cutting edge technologies. All these things were not possible without the help of so many great people with whom I worked with. Some of them might read this post, so here is a big thanks. I wanted to summerize my two years and gather all the lessons I learned in one place for my future self and others too.
It's quite hard summerize such an eclectic post. It's been a wild ride in noris network with lots of new technologies and ideas. We have had a lot of success. I would like to think that a great part was because we opted to work in an open source matter, even thougah not all our projects where open source. This blog post is a summary of the good things we did, and the positive leasons we learned.
I hope reading through these will inspire you to choose a similar path.

Visualize almost anything with Grafana and Python

June 16, 2019

This is a short tutorial on how to build a data source for Grafana using Python Bottle micro-framework. Eventually, you can use this code to connect to any database (including SQLite).

Fooling around with JavaScript and OpenPGP

February 09, 2019

Fooling around with JavaScript and OpenPGP, as the title says. I needed to create a page in which I can encrypt files with OpenPGP. Doing this with JavaScript turned out to be possible. These are the results of my experiment.

backup and restore with duplicity

October 07, 2018
tagged: linux, shell

Duplicity backup utility is the old workhorse in all recent Ubuntu versions. I use the GUI called Deja-Dup for quite a while now. But until now I never bothered to check how to restore my files. I did decide to check how to restore file, because backup is only half the job! It turns out, that the GUI does a disservice for duplicity users. Restoring an encrypted backup turned out to not work. I didn't bother to research why, and turned to the CLI. This is a reminder on how to restore the files.

blogit - new release

September 21, 2018
tagged: python, news

After a long development hiatus I am releasing a new version of blogit

Submitting patches to Python

July 11, 2017
tagged: python, news

This is not my typical blog post style. So no "how to" or opinnions. Just some reflections on how I submitted a patch to Python's standard library.

Why I still persist on not using systemd

April 17, 2017
tagged: linux, gentoo

The following screenshot of a systemd issue reported on github saysit all. I don't care if systemd is technically superior, the way it's being developed is truely bothering. It's leadership is insisting on being blunt ingoring users, misleading and even wrong.

coverage reporting and logging without a webservice

February 28, 2017
tagged: python, testing, git

Dockerfile quicky - templating with M4

September 07, 2016
tagged: docker, linux

Creating abstracted Dockerfile is something I really wish existed. Every time, I write a Dockerfile for a specific base image I must specify the correct package manager command. You either use apt-get or apk or yum or any other call for the package manager. This is unfortunately, not very reusable. But, here is a simple schema how to use M4 macros to achieve this abstraction.