Decrypting bcachefs volumes at boot

tagged: linux, gentoo, bcachefs

This blog post describes how to mount an encrypted array of bcachefs disks at boot time.

Using IPython Notebook on Linux Machines in the Enterprise Corp.

tagged: linux, ssh, python

A short guide for using IPython and Jupyter Notebook on remote Linux machine in the Enterprise Corp, where you don't have root rights.

Announce - Wolkenbrot v0.3 - now with OpenStack support


I have just released WolkenBrot v0.3 with OpenStack support. WolkenBrot is my own little program to bake cloud images. The name means "Cloud Bread" in German.

Deploy NFS server inside a Kubernetes cluster

tagged: linux, kubernetes

Using NFS shared volumes in Kubernetes is easy. But what if you want to serve NFS volumes from with Kuberentes? It turns out to be a tricky thing. Here is a tutorial on how to enable Kuberentes to share NFS volumes. In the end of this tutorial we create a Deployment with a container sharing a directory from the host machine, and a few containers using this shared directory as a persistent volume.

backup and restore with duplicity

tagged: linux, shell

Duplicity backup utility is the old workhorse in all recent Ubuntu versions. I use the GUI called Deja-Dup for quite a while now. But until now I never bothered to check how to restore my files. I did decide to check how to restore file, because backup is only half the job! It turns out, that the GUI does a disservice for duplicity users. Restoring an encrypted backup turned out to not work. I didn't bother to research why, and turned to the CLI. This is a reminder on how to restore the files.

Why I still persist on not using systemd

tagged: linux, gentoo

The following screenshot of a systemd issue reported on github saysit all. I don't care if systemd is technically superior, the way it's being developed is truely bothering. It's leadership is insisting on being blunt ingoring users, misleading and even wrong.

Dockerfile quicky - templating with M4

tagged: docker, linux

Creating abstracted Dockerfile is something I really wish existed. Every time, I write a `Dockerfile` for a specific base image I must specify the correct package manager command. You either use `apt-get` or `apk` or `yum` or any other call for the package manager. This is unfortunately, not very reusable. But, here is a simple schema how to use M4 macros to achieve this abstraction.

OpenWRT SSH init script with port forwarding

tagged: openwrt, linux, ssh

If you have a publicly available server you can setup a permanent SSH connection to it from your OpenWRT. Add remote port forwarding to the plan, and you get an easy way to always access your hosts where your OpenWRT router is.

Gentoo - Reasons why you should give it a try


Type your summary here.

Dictionaries in bash scripts - it is possible

tagged: bash, linux

Apparently, bash offeres assosiative arrays, similar to Python dictionaries

Simple Multiprocessing Task Queue in Python

tagged: python, linux

Yet another tutorial about Python's multiprocessing. What make this one different? Well, it's based on a real life example and shows what is going on behind the sceanes on your Linux host.

salt quick tip - changing passwords on multiple clusters

tagged: salt, linux, sudo

Using salt stack to manage your own private cloud on clusters can ease your life. Here is how you can allow users to update their passwords on multipl Linux hosts

Revive and old Smartphone with Cyanogenmod!

tagged: linux, cyanogedmod

I recently installed Cyanogenmod on an old Samsung Galaxy II and I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Quick Tip - Tiling Windows manager in Mate-Desktop


Here is how you can achieve Tiling windows management without leaving a full blown Desktop Environment such as Mate-Desktop using x-tile

Dell is not serious about Linux


How serious Dell is about Linux? I think it is not that serious, and it is using Ubuntu fans as free advertising platformadvertising platform

New Entry in the Linux laptop list


I am looking for a new laptop. 14" is a bit hard to fit in the bag sometimes.

The future of Windows


Last week I participated in a Windows 7 course. I was sent to the course by my employer, although in my official role is Linux System Engineer. 9 people attended the course. Looking around my colleagues I had some interesting observations, I'd like to share.

TMUX - copy mode and how to control multiple servers at once

tagged: cluster, linux, tmux

Two tips which needs to be documented

Turn your laptop to alarm clock

tagged: debian, cli, linux, hardware

I bumped into an article describing `rtcwake` [here](, so I thought it will be cool to write a nice wrapper script around it.

GNOME Fork is dead

tagged: gnome, linux

The [EXDE project](, which aimed to continue supporting gnome 2.X is dead. This is really a shame

Remove all Development packages from Debian

tagged: debian, cli, linux

Another cool one liner to remove all development packages to clean your Debian.

Running more than one linux distribution without rebooting

tagged: debian, linux

My laptop has reached Nirvana with Debian Squeeze, everything works out of the box, and I very happy with the stability of the system.

Saving Karo - making a 6 years old laptop alive again

tagged: debian, linux, hardware

Karo is the second laptop I got, I bought in my second year of Uni, in 2005. Karo, diamond in Turkish, is an HP Compaq nx6110 business Laptop.

The Wierdest Post Ever in ServerFault.

tagged: linux, hardware

I don't know if this is a joke or not. But if it's not a joke, it must be cruel.

Analyst my S

tagged: opinion, foss, linux

Sometimes I just can't wonder An posts a blog which shows the guy has no clue what he's talking about. And people actually make such a fuss about it.

More GCONF Fun - Setting display backlight

tagged: debian, foss, linux

In my Clevo notebook all the Fn keys work, except the Brightness keys. So after search quite long, I have found that the only solution that really works for me is `xbacklight`

Quicktip - Setting keyboard layout in GNOME via CLI

tagged: gnome, cli, linux

Of course backups could do the job, but I find a clean install much cleaner and safer for my purposes.

Linux users - stop whining about UEFI Secure booting!


Sorry for the provocative title, but I think Linux and other FOSS Operating System should really stop whining about the UEFI secure booting.

20 Years of linux - a humoristic view

tagged: debian, foss, linux

20 Years of linux - a humoristic view

dwm Baby, Hell Yeah I am becoming a SUPER GEEK!

tagged: dwm, debian, linux

F\#!k yeah! I am using a [tiling window manager]( called DWM, and it is the best thing I have seen lately

Calcurse, a compact Linux organizer, now with encryption

tagged: debian, cli, linux

I bumped into calcurse a while ago, but I didn't take the use of it seriously. When I started using it, I was also using Gnome's Evolution.

Stripping EOL from output in BASH

tagged: bash, cli, linux

Sometimes you have to text process the output of many chained commands, e.g. bash command to list all dev package in Debian. The results are usually outputted with "\\n"

yes yes we can - about the Linux command yes

tagged: cli, linux

Recently I started building my own [LFS](, I was pretty amused by the command `yes`

Matlab Alternative RStudio

tagged: programming, linux

To the list of great Matlab alternative I add today [RSTUDIO](

Network-manager still sucks !

tagged: wicd, gnome, linux

I have been long complaining about the buggy network-manager included in GNOME. Today, I have (re)discovered I am still unable to use Network-Manager to connect to a WPA secured wirless

Create a virtual networking lab with vmware workstation


This is a post to demonstrate how you can build a LAN with DNS servers and DHCP servers running inside VMWARE.

Simple IPTABLES script

tagged: linux

In the following a simple IPTABLES script. It has the following features:

How to Build a DEB package for the git sources


I wanted to build python-moinmoin from the 1.8.x series because python-moinmoin 1.9 didn't work for me.

How not to use the kill Command on Linux

tagged: linux, cli

A few months ago I installed Debian GNU/Linux on an old Sony Vaio Laptop of a friend of mine. The laptop is really nice with slim case and a 15" screen. She was really happy she could write her thesis on this nice machine again because Windows XP could not function properly on this machine. Installation was a breeze and the non technical friend of mine was working on it happily for 4 months now.

WICD rocks on the roads !

tagged: linux, wicd, hardware

Been traveling in the USA for a couple of weeks now. I was prepared for bitter timetime with my Debian and wireless roaming. So I've mastered the use of commands ifconfig and iwlist and such. The reason is that I've had my share already with network-manager.

MoinMoin wiki on Debian, Installation and configuration

tagged: linux, python, wiki

Sometimes, installation of Debian packages is too easy, but then configuration can be quite confusing.


tagged: linux, hardware, foss

Hey, maybe some manufacturer will read this desperate post.

Top 10 linux blog posts you should avoid reading

tagged: linux, web

As a frequent reader of Linux related news, I've come to the conclusion the sometimes reading posts about Linux is a complete waste of time. With time I've noticed that there are some repeating patterns to what I skip, so I've compiled this list to those who want to save some time, and a reminder to myself.

Broken USB in OpenSUSE 11.1


Last week I upgraded one of my workstations at work to version 11.1 from 11.0 only to discover this week that automounting of usb disks has ceased to work.

My Story with linux part 2 - How I learned to love Debian

tagged: linux, debian

In the previous part of this long inventory post, I've finished with Debian Etch. After a year and a half of distro hoping, I've decided that I'm experienced enough to try the new Debian Etch.

Windows 7 and the amount of developers of Linux

tagged: linux, windows-7

The marker Israel publishes a [translated article]( from IDG were they mention that Microsoft has about 2000 people working on the next generation of Windows, 500 people are in charge of the 2000 developers. And my guess is that Microsoft will have triple the amount of people selling (or trying to sell that operating system).

My story with Linux, Part 1

tagged: linux, debian

My story with Debian GNU\Linux is a true love story. At least for the time being. This post is dedicated to describe how I got "here". "Here" is my relationship with Debian on my laptop started

A quick tip - How to pause ubuntu upgrade tool

tagged: ubuntu, linux

I've been upgrading my ubuntu laptop since ubuntu 6.06, even though sometimes I break my installation and need to do a clean install... Never the less I think ubuntu's upgrade tool has no second in the linux world. It is mostly a reliable tool and usually does the job. But there is one thing that always annoyed me about it. Once you get it running you can't stop it, and if you stop it cleans all the packages downloaded. It's really annoying because when it runs it completely over takes the net usage and other net applications.

It's not the Gates, it's the bars

tagged: opinion, linux, foss

The BBC publishes an important [article]( by Richard Stallman. I felt this is so important and true it has to be copied an published here fully

Data analysis with spreadsheets vs. programming


In many cases people use programs like Excel, Gnumeric or spreadsheet to analyze large amounts of data. I always hated Excel, and when I switched to Linux about 3 years ago I learned about Gnumeric, but I always found it a little bit limited because I couldn't use macros.

KDE and layout switch

tagged: linux, cli

Unfortunately many DE's suck for that reason: Developers' just ignore users. Personally, I like KDE, but I don't use it. Never. Why ? Because KDE developers will not fix the bug which prevents normal keyboard layout change

A purpose of a linux command

tagged: linux, cli

Ever happened to you that you needed to do something on your linux box and didn't know how ? Sure it did!

Moved from godady to webfaction

tagged: linux, hosting

That's it ! I finaly moved from to webfaction.

Ubuntu Gusty is Bloatware

tagged: linux, ubuntu

Ubuntu Gutsy is Bloatware. The latest ubuntu distro is terrible, comparing with the previous one, Feisty Fawn. Cases like this make me think about the 6 months release cycle, and really appreciate my Debian stable, which is old, but working. So why am I saying Ubuntu Gutsy is terrible ?

Another Linux Laptop

tagged: linux, hardware

Yesterday night another laptop was born free. usage.

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