New version of Pwman3 released (v0.9)


Yesterday night I released a new version of my CLI password manager Pwman3. This is a major mile stone, with huge amount of changes and improvements. Read more to find about what changed, and what I learned writing this version.

Turn your laptop to alarm clock

tagged: debian, cli, linux, hardware

I bumped into an article describing `rtcwake` [here](, so I thought it will be cool to write a nice wrapper script around it.

Command Line Posting to Blogger

tagged: blogging, cli, web

Oh man, I'm really becoming a geek. I spend so much time staring at VIM that writing a Blog post using the Web interface seems cumbersome to me.

Remove all Development packages from Debian

tagged: debian, cli, linux

Another cool one liner to remove all development packages to clean your Debian.

Remove all GNOME from debian - a one line

tagged: debian, cli, gnome

This one is not so easy to follow, but it works for me ...

Quicktip - make gedit more sane

tagged: cli, debian, gnome

Continuing the agile setup of GNOME desktop using gconftool-2. Here's a snippet to make tab width 4 spaces, insert spaces instead of tabs and enable automatic indentation:

Quicktip - Setting keyboard layout in GNOME via CLI

tagged: gnome, cli, linux

Of course backups could do the job, but I find a clean install much cleaner and safer for my purposes.

Calcurse, a compact Linux organizer, now with encryption

tagged: debian, cli, linux

I bumped into calcurse a while ago, but I didn't take the use of it seriously. When I started using it, I was also using Gnome's Evolution.

Stripping EOL from output in BASH

tagged: bash, cli, linux

Sometimes you have to text process the output of many chained commands, e.g. bash command to list all dev package in Debian. The results are usually outputted with "\\n"

yes yes we can - about the Linux command yes

tagged: cli, linux

Recently I started building my own [LFS](, I was pretty amused by the command `yes`

How not to use the kill Command on Linux

tagged: linux, cli

A few months ago I installed Debian GNU/Linux on an old Sony Vaio Laptop of a friend of mine. The laptop is really nice with slim case and a 15" screen. She was really happy she could write her thesis on this nice machine again because Windows XP could not function properly on this machine. Installation was a breeze and the non technical friend of mine was working on it happily for 4 months now.

KDE and layout switch

tagged: linux, cli

Unfortunately many DE's suck for that reason: Developers' just ignore users. Personally, I like KDE, but I don't use it. Never. Why ? Because KDE developers will not fix the bug which prevents normal keyboard layout change

A purpose of a linux command

tagged: linux, cli

Ever happened to you that you needed to do something on your linux box and didn't know how ? Sure it did!