KDE and layout switch

Unfortunately many DE's suck for that reason: Developers' just ignore users. Personally, I like KDE, but I don't use it. Never. Why ? Because KDE developers will not fix the bug which prevents normal keyboard layout change. As a Hebrew speaker, I have to install KKBSwitch to solve this problem and edit xorg.conf. And that is just stupid.

Oh, anyone who's knows about a Linux desktop can put it together. The Avarage Joe, however, will be utterly bewildered by the process.

I resent KDE for that simple reason, many times I try to use it and got pissed off to see they haven't fixed that bug, which was reported about 3 years ago. I don't even know if they fixed it in KDE4, because they made me so upset with them I don' t even bother to check.

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