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I took a break from blogging because I moved to a new location. In addition, I got tired of fighting interface and the impossibilities it cohered on me. Therefore, I was playing around with a few static blogging engines, and to be honest, I found most of them either to complicated for my needs, or too simple. The one I liked the most, was a simple script called, written by Mir Nazim. I took it and started building my blog using it. In addition I documented some of the quirks this system has and fixed a few bugs, and added some little features. Hence, I took the liberty to rename to blogit, and repost it in where my blog resides for now.

Since my main goal is writing and documenting my learning process, I avoid fancy stuff in this blog, hence the simple template, and not much around it. If time permits, I will create a few more templates, maybe as an exercise in Web programming, although this is really not my core interest.

In the mean while feel free to reuse blogit for your own needs.

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