Dell is not serious about Linux


How serious Dell is about Linux? I think it is not that serious, and it is using Ubuntu fans as free advertising platformadvertising platform

The future of Windows


Last week I participated in a Windows 7 course. I was sent to the course by my employer, although in my official role is Linux System Engineer. 9 people attended the course. Looking around my colleagues I had some interesting observations, I'd like to share.

UEFI Secure booting is good for Linux


Microsoft will block non Windows on the ARM platform. Big deal. It is if installing Linux on any other Laptop is easy. Sure you can install Linux on most Laptops today. But does it really work?

Revisiting Windows 7 - Package management is possible

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After a very long time I did not use Windows for my private needs, I have finally found the times to take a longer look on Windows 7. I have decided to install the operating system on a real machine to see it's real behaviour and interaction with plastic and iron

Linux users - stop whining about UEFI Secure booting!


Sorry for the provocative title, but I think Linux and other FOSS Operating System should really stop whining about the UEFI secure booting.