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Git tip - git describe


Earlier I posted a tip how to count commits between tags, this post suggests a better way to do it

Git tip - Count commits between tags


Once every N commits I would like to release a new version of pwman3, so here is how to keep a track of this number between releases ...

Localizing applications with gettext


I was always interested in how I can add translations to pwman3 or to my little PyGTK tutorial, these are summerizing of my gettext experiences

PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial - Part 7


Part 6 of this tutorial completed the Preferences dialog and introduced gtk.Frames and gtk.Expanders. This part of the tutorial will add some more polish to th UI, introducing icons and completing the About Dialog

PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial - Part 6


Part 5 of this tutorial added a gtk.Notebook and other widgets to the Preferences dialog. This part of the tutorial introduces the gtk.Frame and gtk.Expander widgets and completes the Preferences dialog.

PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial - Part 5


The last part of this tutorial added some polish to the main window of the CD Ripper, and showed how to create an empty Preferences dialog. This part of the tutorial will complete the Presences exploring gtk.Notebook and other widgets.

PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial - Part 4


The last part of this tutorial added the complete song list. However, the UI is still not complete. This part will add the polish to the UI.

PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial - Part 3


In part 1 of this tutorial, the most basic GUI form of a CD ripper application, was created. Part 2 then continued and expanded this tutorial with GTK ListView to create the song list. This part will add some polish and varnish to the UI as well as some more functionality...

PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial - Part 2


In part 1 of this tutorial, the most basic GUI form of a CD ripper application, was created. This part will expand this GUI and will add some more functionality ...

A Complete PyGTK CD Ripper Tutorial


Most tutorials on GTK, create partial UIs, and thus leave the reader to connect the rest by himself. Some others create an almost complete application, but usually, this application is useless. This tutorial, will lead (eventually, I hope...) to a functional application, that rips CD and converts them to MP3 using cdparanoia and lame. In addition to writing this tutorial in blog posts with code, the code will be highly verbose and commented thoroughly ...

Releasing PWMAN3 v.0.2.1


pwman3 is a command line password manager written in Python. Pwman3 was originally started by Ivan Kelly, and published on github. I recenty became the maintainer, and now version 0.2 is released. Read more about it ...

Extending Python's Popen


I use Python's Popen quite often, and sometimes, I need to debug scripts using it. Here is how I extended Popen, to include a verbose debug mode ...

Working With Binary Data in Python


Working with binary data puzzled me for quite a time, so here is a post explaining some of my findings

Building Octave-3.4 on Debian Sid


I wanted to build the latest Octave (3.4) on my Debian Sid. Well, it wasn't as easy as before, since I upgrade it quite often.

Good Bye Latex ? Hello WeasyPrint


Latex, is my main way of producing reports and scientific works. Usually these are formed as PDF before being actually printed. Latex is AWESOME.

The weired Indexing in Perl

tagged: programming, perl

I am learning Perl. I am doing it with a lot of a resentment, but I am slowly learning it.

VIM Quicky - set tabs and spaces behaviour for different files

tagged: programming, vim, c, python

Never really bothered me before, because I only used Python and C, so I always replaces tabs with spaces.

When friends spit FUD


Warning: This is not a technical post, rather just a boring rant and a call for advice. A friend of mine asked me what programming language he should learn.

A Usefull PyGTK Example


I have been looking for a good pygtk tutorial for a very long time. I have found a few tutorials which where an overkill, so I don't link to them.

One more python learning resource


This one is pretty cool. It is a learning environment, which allows you also to create more learning environments. I

2 Cool Python Learning resources


Another cool one liner to remove all development packages to clean your Debian.

Matlab Alternative RStudio

tagged: programming, linux

To the list of great Matlab alternative I add today [RSTUDIO](

oh, Yesterday I was a bad programmer


Forgetting my first lesson in programming, I looked for a solution to convert IP addresses to country. I found out tables, and SQL files, and went on and on trying to figure how to use them, and do SQL in python

Floats wider than text in Latex


Latex floats by default have the text width or smaller. Took me some time to figure out how to make a float wider than the text width itself.

Installing python-matplotlib from source in Debian


Hoora Debian ! I love how every past experience of developers brings something useful ! If you need to build python matplotlib from sources you need to install quite a lot dependencies. Luckily for me in Debian it's quite easy.

Tiny Python script to convert Fortran comments to "!"


I work on a very old Fortran code, which is Fixed form Fortran 77 mixed with some Fortran 95. Geany IDE, had problem displaying lines starting with "c" as comments.

Easy Python debugging


Just a quicky post ... Python has the excellent pdb module to debug your programs.

MasterMind Game in Fortran 95


Just for the fun, and to learn some Fortran 95, I wrote this little game which imitates the [MasterMind]( game.

Another matplotlib tutorial


Recently I started working with [MIN3P](, a reactive transport modeling software, which produces data output which can be easily visualized with a commercial software package. However, I can't afford purchasing this package for my research, and I won't even though they have a Linux client.

The misteries of Fortran Functions


Fortran has a 2 ways to define sub-procedures: functions and subroutines. Functions allow many input variables, but only one output variable, which has to be a number. Subroutines, can take a few variables and output a few variables.



Recently I started learning Fortran. Going from Python to Fortran should not be so complicated, and from what I see so far it is a very cool language.

Evalution of a Tracer Test with Python scipy.optimize


Sometimes, installation of Debian packages is too easy, but then configuration can be quite confusing.

Making Octave plot nicer


Personally, I prefer Python over Octave/Matlab. But since I'm being forced to write Matlab code for one of my courses, I started playing around with Octave.

3D plots with matplotlib


Today I built matplotlib from svn. The answer why I did it is in the post's title. 3D plots are back to this wonderful tool !

A matplotlib tutorial


Most people that find my blog in the end of the internet arrive here while looking for python matplotlib tutorial. That's thanks to the crazy matplotlib tutorial I already have in my blog. However, this tutorial is not very useful. And since I'm using matplotlib to do some of my homeworks, I been wanting to post some real life tutorial. After all why not give the audience what it wants?

Fucked up explorer


I hate microsoft. Short Post descrbining a hack for explorer. Not much ...

Playing with wordpress - Hacking the header to display random pictures


After I started seriously playing with wordpress and discovered how cool it is, I decided that I can seriously hack to it my own needs.

Crazy Matplotlib tutorial


I started using python's matplotlib to plot graphs in my Oceanography courses. Matplotlib is pretty easy to understand if you already know some python. However it's documentation is somewhat frustrating, even though it comes with a plethora of examples.

Data analysis with Programming


Last time I wrote about the disadventages of using a spreadsheet program to analyze large amounts of data, espcially when it comes to important data.

Data analysis with spreadsheets vs. programming


In many cases people use programs like Excel, Gnumeric or spreadsheet to analyze large amounts of data. I always hated Excel, and when I switched to Linux about 3 years ago I learned about Gnumeric, but I always found it a little bit limited because I couldn't use macros.