The best latex editor Kile 2.1 Released!

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This should be really bigger news! Although I don't use KDE at all, Kile is the best editor for Latex, I have tried.

Good Bye Latex ? Hello WeasyPrint


Latex, is my main way of producing reports and scientific works. Usually these are formed as PDF before being actually printed. Latex is AWESOME.

Floats wider than text in Latex


Latex floats by default have the text width or smaller. Took me some time to figure out how to make a float wider than the text width itself.


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For a long time I know that I can export lyx files to ODT format, and it does a pretty good job. Today, I start lyx with moving it to the background and I looked what's going in on when I export to ODT. It's using a commant htlatex, which can be found in the Debian package tex4ht .