GNOME Fork revisited

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Since I posted in my blog about GNOME 2 fork, I have seen numerous hits.

GNOME Fork is dead

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The [EXDE project](, which aimed to continue supporting gnome 2.X is dead. This is really a shame

Remove all GNOME from debian - a one line

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This one is not so easy to follow, but it works for me ...

Quicktip - make gedit more sane

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Continuing the agile setup of GNOME desktop using gconftool-2. Here's a snippet to make tab width 4 spaces, insert spaces instead of tabs and enable automatic indentation:

Quicktip - Setting keyboard layout in GNOME via CLI

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Of course backups could do the job, but I find a clean install much cleaner and safer for my purposes.

Short news about the GNOME 2 fork

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Well, I've been following the [Development of Mate DE]( quite closely via github and it seems like the project is gaining momentum.

The more I read on GNOME 3 I get more mad

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The idea I need to learn X Programming Language (e.g. JavaScript) in order to customize my desktop is IMHO simply IDIOTIC! Although I love learning programming languages, and I am a programmer, I DON'T WANT to program my desktop. My desktop is not a problem I need to solve. It should just work.

Better Apps in Linux

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I don't know why, but I have the feeling that the rise of Ubuntu, does not bring Linux forward. I have read a few posts about it. And I think that the focus of Linux developers is starting to annoy me so much that I am thinking of ripping Linux off my Laptop and just installing \*BSD, although I'd have to twitch my nose, because I prefer GPL over BSD.

Network-manager still sucks !

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I have been long complaining about the buggy network-manager included in GNOME. Today, I have (re)discovered I am still unable to use Network-Manager to connect to a WPA secured wirless