coverage reporting and logging without a webservice

tagged: python, testing, git

For quite a while now I wanted to have a cheap replacement for collecting and tracking coverage of codes I work on. Finally, I found a nice way to record and track coverage reporting inside git itself in a semi-automatic or completely automatic way.

Farewell PyCharm! Going VIM again

tagged: python, vim, git

A few months ago we migrated from PyDev to PyCharm. After a 3 months time where I lead the migration from PyDev to PyCharm and SVN to GIT, I am back again to work with VIM. Here are my thoughts about PyCharm.

Poor man's Read-The-Docs

tagged: python, git, bash

Here is how to build sphinx documentation on multiple branches in your Python project. If you want to have Sphinx documentation for your project without having to install the whole complicated image.

Git tip - git describe


Earlier I posted a tip how to count commits between tags, this post suggests a better way to do it

Git tip - Count commits between tags


Once every N commits I would like to release a new version of pwman3, so here is how to keep a track of this number between releases ...