Installing Oracle's JAVA on Debian

tagged: java, debian

There are many solutions floating around to install Oracle's JAVA on Debian based systems. Most of them involve too many manual steps. Here is one that does not, and it simply works!

Enable UFS Write support under Debian

tagged: debian, kernel, freebsd

A short memo on enabling UFS write support on Debian

GNU vs Canon

tagged: debian, foss, hardware

Linux does not exist in American conusmer market. At least not for Canon.

Turn your laptop to alarm clock

tagged: debian, cli, linux, hardware

I bumped into an article describing `rtcwake` [here](, so I thought it will be cool to write a nice wrapper script around it.

Remove all Development packages from Debian

tagged: debian, cli, linux

Another cool one liner to remove all development packages to clean your Debian.

Remove all GNOME from debian - a one line

tagged: debian, cli, gnome

This one is not so easy to follow, but it works for me ...

Running more than one linux distribution without rebooting

tagged: debian, linux

My laptop has reached Nirvana with Debian Squeeze, everything works out of the box, and I very happy with the stability of the system.

Saving Karo - making a 6 years old laptop alive again

tagged: debian, linux, hardware

Karo is the second laptop I got, I bought in my second year of Uni, in 2005. Karo, diamond in Turkish, is an HP Compaq nx6110 business Laptop.

More GCONF Fun - Setting display backlight

tagged: debian, foss, linux

In my Clevo notebook all the Fn keys work, except the Brightness keys. So after search quite long, I have found that the only solution that really works for me is `xbacklight`

Another crack in the Windows hagmony

tagged: debian, foss, hardware

For about 4 years now there is a possibility to get a Netbook with Linux. Now, there are many of them coming with Android and Meego.

Quicktip - make gedit more sane

tagged: cli, debian, gnome

Continuing the agile setup of GNOME desktop using gconftool-2. Here's a snippet to make tab width 4 spaces, insert spaces instead of tabs and enable automatic indentation:

Using BluetoothSpeakers without Pulseaudio

tagged: debian, foss, hardware

About 3 months ago I have purchased a Bluetooth Speakers set. I chose the Creative Labs D200, which provide me with nice tunes compared to the prices.

20 Years of linux - a humoristic view

tagged: debian, foss, linux

20 Years of linux - a humoristic view

Short news about the GNOME 2 fork

tagged: debian, foss, mate, gnome

Well, I've been following the [Development of Mate DE]( quite closely via github and it seems like the project is gaining momentum.

dwm Baby, Hell Yeah I am becoming a SUPER GEEK!

tagged: dwm, debian, linux

F\#!k yeah! I am using a [tiling window manager]( called DWM, and it is the best thing I have seen lately

Calcurse, a compact Linux organizer, now with encryption

tagged: debian, cli, linux

I bumped into calcurse a while ago, but I didn't take the use of it seriously. When I started using it, I was also using Gnome's Evolution.

Wow, long time ago

tagged: debian, ubuntu

Wow, Long time ago ... My last post ages ago was a rant about Uhbuntu

Floats wider than text in Latex


Latex floats by default have the text width or smaller. Took me some time to figure out how to make a float wider than the text width itself.

Installing python-matplotlib from source in Debian


Hoora Debian ! I love how every past experience of developers brings something useful ! If you need to build python matplotlib from sources you need to install quite a lot dependencies. Luckily for me in Debian it's quite easy.

MapServer Examples for Debian

tagged: debian, gis

I've made a package of the Itasca example that are supposed to work "out of the box" for Debian Lenny and Squeeze

How to Build a DEB package for the git sources


I wanted to build python-moinmoin from the 1.8.x series because python-moinmoin 1.9 didn't work for me.

My Story with linux part 2 - How I learned to love Debian

tagged: linux, debian

In the previous part of this long inventory post, I've finished with Debian Etch. After a year and a half of distro hoping, I've decided that I'm experienced enough to try the new Debian Etch.

My story with Linux, Part 1

tagged: linux, debian

My story with Debian GNU\Linux is a true love story. At least for the time being. This post is dedicated to describe how I got "here". "Here" is my relationship with Debian on my laptop started